Empowering Homebuyers: How to effectively file a complaint with HRERA and RERA Appellate Tribunal

Empowering Homebuyers: How to effectively file a complaint with HRERA and RERA Appellate Tribunal

As the central Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act2016 made its grand entrance, states like Haryana eagerly joined the legislative dance, choreographing their own interpretation of real estate regulation - behold HRERA.


On a fateful day, July 28, 2017, the Haryana Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Rules, 2017 took center stage, mirroring the essence of the national decree. However, it wasn't until the digital curtains lifted on October 4, 2018, that the HRERA portal made its dazzling debut, casting a spotlight on the realm of real estate regulation. In the state of Haryana, RERA exists with two distinct jurisdictions in Gurugram (Gurgaon) and Panchkula.


HRERA Haryana stands as a beacon of hope for homebuyers, offering a multitude of benefits. Foremost, it serves as a shield against developer delays, granting existing homeowners the right to accrue interest at a predetermined rate should delivery timelines falter. This interest penalty, varying by state, serves as a deterrent to lax project management.

Moreover, HRERA mandates developers to allocate70% of funds from new homebuyers into an escrow account, thwarting any temptation to divert finances to alternate ventures. This provision ensures financial transparency and bolsters buyer confidence.

In a bid to promote fair practices, HRERA imposes a ceiling on property dealer commissions, capping them at 1% for both buyers and sellers. This regulation fosters equitable transactions and curtails exploitative practices.

The significance of HRERA amplifies in scenarios where developers abandon projects, plunging buyers into uncertainty. By stipulating that projects can only be marketed upon securing requisite clearances, HRERA acts as a bulwark against fraudulent schemes.

To streamline conflict resolution, the Haryana real estate appellate tribunal and allied regulatory bodies operate with the aim of delivering swift justice within 120 days. These mechanisms provide a safety net, ensuring prompt resolution of disputes and instilling peace of mind among homebuyers navigating the real estate landscape in Haryana.

Navigating the process of filing a complaint with HRERA or the RERA appellate tribunal in Haryana isn't as tricky as it seems. Here's a simplified guide:

Step 1: Start by visiting the website of your project's area, like Gurugram or Panchkula. Look for the section where you can register complaints.

Step 2: Fill in the complaint form you find there, following the instructions on the screen.

Step 3: After you submit the form, you'll get a complaint number for future reference.

Step 4: Pay the complaint fee, which is INR 1000 per complaint plus INR 10 for each additional document. You can pay this online or with a demand draft made out to the Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority.

Step 5: Print out a copy of your registration form and make five copies.

Step 6: Write out your complaint in the proper format as required. Make five copies of this complaint and attach them to the copies of your registration form.

Step 7: Include a certificate saying you've sent a copy of the complaint to the person you're complaining about, and attach it to your complaint documents.

Step 8: Send three copies of your complaint form set, along with the annexures, detailed complaint, certificate, and proof of fee payment, to the office of the Authority either by post or in person.

Step 9: Keep checking the official website regularly to track the progress of your complaint by entering your complaint details.

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You can also view the cause list of complaints under the tab of HRERA Cause List, as well as the meeting details of the court proceedings.

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