How to lodge an online complaint in UP-RERA as a Homebuyer

How to lodge an online complaint in UP-RERA as a Homebuyer

To initiate the process of lodging a complaint on the UP-RERA (Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority) portal, the first step is to access the official website at Upon arrival, the user is prompted to log in, necessitating the prior creation of a profile. This profile creation phase is critical, as it requires the input of accurate personal details such as name, father's name, address, email ID, and mobile number. These particulars serve as the backbone for all subsequent communication and correspondence related to the complaint. Additionally, during the profile setup, the user is prompted to generate a password, the safekeeping of which is paramount, considering its role in securing access to the account and all associated information.

If the complaint is being lodged through a professional intermediary such as a Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary, specific details pertaining to their identity, including email ID, name, address, and professional registration number, must be furnished. Subsequent to the profile creation, it's important to note that the email ID provided during this process automatically becomes the user ID, facilitating future access to the UP-RERA portal.

Verification of the user's identity is conducted through the registered mobile number, with OTPs (One-Time Passwords) being sent for authentication purposes. These OTPs, in conjunction with the user ID, grant the complainant access to the UP-Rereport, enabling them to proceed with the complaint filing process.

Once logged in, the complainant is presented with a range of options, including the filing of Form-M, Form-N, or utilizing the conciliation forum, with the selection contingent upon the nature and specifics of the complaint. Opting for Form M oriform N may trigger a subsequent pop-up, offering the choice to opt for conciliation as a means of resolving the dispute amicably. Should the complainant choose 'Yes' and complete the requisite form, the complaint is then referred to the conciliation forum for further action and resolution.

In the event that 'No' is selected, additional screens may appear, depending on the specifics of the complaint. For instance, if there has been a previous order issued by UP-RERA regarding the matter, the complainant may be directed to the execution request page on the UP-RERA portal for further action.

Furthermore, if the complainant indicates the absence of a pending court case related to the complaint, they may be prompted to provide information regarding any ongoing (National Company Law Tribunal) proceedings involving the Promoter company. Depending on the selection made, the jurisdiction of UP-RERA may vary, with appropriate guidance provided to the complainant accordingly.

Following the selection of all pertinent options and the completion of required details, including the submission of a detailed complaint and relevant documents, a preview option is made available to the complainant. This allows for a final review before proceeding to the next step, which involves the payment of a prescribed fee of Rs. 1000/-.

In cases where an advocate is involved, the uploading of a Vakala Nama is mandated, while for authorized professionals, an authority letter must be submitted. Once the complaint submission process is complete, and the fee payment is processed, the complainant receives a unique complaint number via their registered emailed and mobile number. This complaint number serves as a vital reference point for all future communications and interactions with UP-RERA regarding the lodged complaint.

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