The leading 10 developing areas in Noida in 2023

The leading 10 developing areas in Noida in 2023

In the face of restricted options and soaring property prices in Delhi and Gurgaon, homebuyers are increasingly turning their attention to residential developments in Noida. The city has gained favor among buyers due to its diverse housing options, affordability, and consistent price appreciation. According to insights from 99acres, here are the top 10 emerging locations in Noida, offering a plethora of residential choices and promising robust price growth.

Noida has emerged as a highly favored residential destination in the National Capital Region(NCR), particularly gaining prominence in the aftermath of the COVID-19pandemic. This surge in popularity can be attributed to a combination of continuous infrastructure upgrades, plans for an international airport, and the affordability of homes. Homebuyers are increasingly drawn to the city due to the diverse housing options available in less densely populated emerging locations, which has expedited their decision-making processes. Opting for homes in these emerging areas not only provides a range of choices but also offers the advantage of relatively lower prices coupled with the potential for high appreciation, particularly amid the ongoing developments in infrastructure.

Highlighting the top 10 emerging locations in Noida, sectors such as 49, 70, 75, 110, 119, 120,129, 134, 151, and 168 stands out as prime choices for homebuyers seeking a green and promising neighborhood with substantial investment potential.

Sector 49,Noida: Strategically situated adjacent to Dadri Main Road, Sector 49 presents a mix of independent houses, builder floors, and society apartments. The 2 BHK units are particularly popular, with average property prices standing at around Rs 3,200 per sq ft, showcasing a remarkable33 percent annual growth. Notably, Sector 49 enjoys strategic proximity to the Sector 76 Metro Station on the Noida Metro Line (3 km) and Wave City Centre (5km) on the Delhi Metro Blue Line. Its direct accessibility to employment hubs like ETT and NSEZ further enhances its appeal. For rentals, a 2 BHK unit in Sector 49 may fetch between Rs 10,000-15,000 per month. The area has witnessed significant real estate development, including the construction of an under pass and the proposed elevated road at the Sector 49/41 intersection and the Dadri-Surajpur Chhalera Road.

This detailed exploration of the top emerging location provides a comprehensive understanding of the unique features and growth prospects that make Noida an increasingly attractive choice for homebuyers in 2023.


Sector 119,Noida: A Strategic Residential Hub

Sector 119 in Noida stands out as a residential enclave with robust infrastructure and excellent connectivity, primarily facilitated by the Faridabad-Noida-Ghaziabad Expressway (FNG Expressway). This strategic location ensures seamless access to key commercial hubs in Noida, including Sectors 62, 63, 18, and Techzone 4. The sector boasts a mix of completed and under-construction residential societies, featuring multi-story apartments with an average price of Rs 5,300 per sq ft. Notably, Sector 119 has witnessed a price appreciation of approximately five percent year-on-year.

The investment potential of Sector 119, attributing it to the neighborhood's proximity to the upcoming Jewar International Airport via the Yamuna Expressway is highlighted in this article. The presence of a green belt, well-developed link roads, and the anticipation of an upcoming metro station at Sector-122, Noida, on the AquaLine within a kilometer further contribute to the overall attractiveness of the area. With its strategic location, robust infrastructure, and promising future developments, Sector 119 emerges as a high-potential residential hub in Noida.

Sector 120,Noida: A Prominent Residential Haven

Sector 120 in Noida emerges as a promising and well-established location, featuring a substantial inventory of ready-to-move homes. The predominant housing configurations in this sector are 3 BHK units, with an average pricing of Rs5,500 per sq ft. What sets Sector 120 apart is the convenience it offers to residents, with many residential societies hosting essential amenities such as grocery stores, pharmacies, salons, stationery shops, eateries, and dairy options.

As of Q1 2022,the annual rental yield in Sector 120 stands at two percent, and the area has witnessed a commendable yearly price growth of around four percent. This combination of affordability and steady appreciation adds to the allure of Sector 120 for both homebuyers and investors.

A resident of the area provides positive insights into the locality. He highlights the gradual development of the sector, a satisfactory mode of transport, ample nearby markets, and a safe environment. Moreover, Sector 120 enjoys close accessibility to major commercial and industrial sectors, ranging from Sector57 to Sector 68, further enhancing its appeal as a residential haven. With its well-rounded offerings and positive resident testimonials, Sector 120 stands as a notable residential choice in Noida.

Sector 151,Noida: Emerging Residential Hub with Investment Appeal

Sector 151 in Noida is positioned as a burgeoning residential sector, featuring multi-story apartments that are attractively priced at Rs 4,000 per sq ft. notably; the area has experienced a remarkable increase in home values, surging by over 14percent year-on-year. Situated along the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, Sector151 enjoys connectivity advantages, with the Sector 148 station on the AquaMetro Line located approximately eight km away.

Monthly rentals in Sector 151 hover around Rs 8,000, adding to the overall affordability and appeal of the locality.

Shedding light on the investment potential of Sector 151 a substantial supply of plotted developments and affordable land parcels ranging between Rs 28,000 per sq yard and Rs 40,000 per sq yard, the sector emerges as a major attraction for investors. However, the limited frequency of public transport, despite having an optimal road network, has contributed to a relatively low occupancy rate in the locale.

In summary, Sector 151 in Noida presents itself as an emerging residential hub with investment appeal, marked by its affordability, growth in home values, and strategic location along key transportation routes.


Sector 134,Noida: Thriving Residential Hub with High-Rise Apartments

Sector 134 in Noida is currently witnessing significant residential development, predominantly in the form of high-rise apartments. The property prices in this sector have experienced robust growth, nearing five percent year-on-year, and presently stand at Rs 4,300 per sq ft. The burgeoning demand for housing in Sector 134 is further fueled by its strategic proximity to prominent employment hubs, including Express Trade Tower, Infospace, and Advant Navis Business Park.

The sector benefits from convenient access to transportation infrastructure, with the closest metro station, Sector 137, located at a distance of five km on the AquaMetro Line. This accessibility enhances the overall appeal of Sector 134,making it an attractive choice for residents seeking a thriving residential hub with modern high-rise living options.

Sector 168,Noida: Developing Locality with Strategic Connectivity

Nestled along the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, Sector 168 emerges as a dynamic and developing locality with excellent connectivity to various areas in Noida, Greater Noida, and Delhi. This strategic location positions the sector between Sector 135 in the west and Sector 142 in the north, both bustling with large-scale office spaces and IT parks. The proximity to these business hubs contributes significantly to the rental demand in Sector 168.

The rental market in the area reflects the demand, with a 2 BHK flat commanding a monthly rent of Rs 12,000. Residential developments in Sector 168 primarily manifest as multi-story apartments, available in both ready-to-move and under-construction stages. The buy rates for properties in this sector currently stand at Rs 5,300per sq ft, showcasing a notable year-on-year growth of over 10 percent. With its strategic positioning and growth trajectory, Sector 168 presents itself as a promising locality for both residents and investors alike.

Sector 129,Noida: Affordable Locale with Strategic Connectivity

Sector 129 in Noida stands out as an affordable residential locality, characterized by a predominant supply of 2 BHK and 3 BHK configurations priced at Rs 4,200 per sq ft. This affordability, coupled with its strategic location, adds to the appeal of Sector 129. The area enjoys proximity to key employment hubs, including ETT, Logix Technova, and AdvantNavis Business Park, enhancing its desirability among homebuyers and tenants alike.

As of Q1, 2022,Sector 129 boasts an annual rental yield of around three percent, reflecting the positive dynamics of the rental market. Moreover, the area has witnessed a commendable yearly price appreciation of approximately eight percent, showcasing its potential for value growth.

The upcoming Noida International Airport is expected to be a significant catalyst for the real estate market in and around Sector 129, further contributing to the growth and development of the locale. For seamless connectivity, the nearest metro station, Sector 137, is just three km away, facilitating easy access to various parts of Noida and Delhi. With its affordability, strategic positioning, and promising future developments, Sector 129 emerges as an attractive and well-connected residential option in Noida.

Sector 75,Noida: Rapidly Developing Realty Hub

Sector 75 in Noida stands out as one of the fastest developing realty hubs, predominantly comprising mid-income housing units. The area has experienced a remarkable 20percent year-on-year appreciation in property values, currently standing at Rs6,800 per sq ft. This robust growth has contributed to the area's attractiveness among homebuyers and investors alike.

Residential societies in Sector 75 not only offer housing solutions but also feature various retail stores and amenities, enhancing the overall living experience for residents. The strategic connectivity of the sector is further accentuated by the presence of the Sector-50 Metro Station, linking it to major commercial hubs in Noida, including Film City and Sector 18 (12 km), Sector 62 (12 km),and the emerging Greater Noida regions. This connectivity advantage has positioned Sector 75 as a preferred locality for investors, with rental yields registering a commendable three percent year-on-year.

Residential societies in Sector 75 not only offer housing solutions but also feature various retail stores and amenities, enhancing the overall living experience for residents. The strategic connectivity of the sector is further accentuated by the presence of the Sector-50 Metro Station, linking it to major commercial hubs in Noida, including Film City and Sector 18 (12 km), Sector 62 (12 km),and the emerging Greater Noida regions. This connectivity advantage has positioned Sector 75 as a preferred locality for investors, with rental yields registering a commendable three percent year-on-year.

Sector 110,Noida: Growing Realty Hub with Educational and Commercial Appeal

Sector 110 in Noida stands as a growing realty hub, having experienced nearly five percent year-on-year growth in buy rates, which currently hover around Rs 5,700 per sq ft. This positive trend reflects the increasing demand for residential properties in the area. Notably, Sector 110 is home to Maharishi University and enjoys proximity to key business hubs such as NSEZ, as well as office zones in Sectors 125, 132, and 142. This educational and commercial connectivity contributes significantly to the appeal of the locality among both buyers and tenants.

The annual rental yield in Sector 110 stands at a commendable four percent, indicating a healthy demand in the rental market. For a 2 BHK unit, the locality commands a monthly rental of Rs 15,000, further reflecting the desirability of the area among tenants.

Residential apartments dominate the inventory supply in Sector 110, with over 95 percent of the stock falling under the resale category. This suggests a stable and mature real estate market in the locality, making it an attractive choice for individuals seeking a blend of educational and commercial connectivity in a growing residential hub.

Sector 70,Noida: Emerging Residential Haven with Connectivity Advantages

Nestled alongVikas Marg, Sector 70 in Noida stands out as an upcoming residential sectorcharacterized by a mix of independent houses and multi-story apartments. Thearea has witnessed a noteworthy nearly three percent year-on-year growth inproperty prices, with current values averaging around Rs 5,300 per sq ft. Thispositive trend underscores the growing appeal of Sector 70 as a residentialdestination.

For a 2 BHK flat,the average monthly rental in the locality stands at Rs 15,000, reflecting thedemand for rental accommodations in the area. Sector 70 scores high in terms ofconnectivity to other prime locations in Noida, offering residents the advantageof Blue Line metro connectivity through the Sector 61 Metro Station located ata distance of 2.5 km.

Proximity to oneof the major employment zones in Noida, spanning from Sector 57 to Sector 68,further boosts the rental demand in Sector 70. The completion of the JewarInternational Airport is anticipated to enhance the real estate sentiment inthe area, potentially leading to an increase in prices and annual rental yield,currently standing at a commendable four percent. With its emerging residentiallandscape and strategic connectivity advantages, Sector 70 presents itself as apromising and well-connected haven for residents and investors alike.

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